Film is a plain of infinite possibilities, with constantly evolving ways to tell stories. The most important thing a film must have is balance, that is why I called my company EQ films. EQ stands for Equilibrium, we believe that all films, must have the perfect harmony between art and entertainment in order to appeal to a wide audience as possible. That there must be the perfect synergy between script, performance, music, sound and cinematography in order to make the best film possible. This ideal is represented by the yin yang.

Built on the success, well respected and hugely successful Timereel documentaries brand, EQ films aims to bring you fictional stories that cause a stirring experience for the viewer.

Founded by film executive Paul Desira, who is both of Maltese and English origin, EQ hopes to combine the two aspects of this heritage to bring an exciting fusion into the film industry.

EQ films is fiercely independent, but with a commercial aim and a broad market appeal. We help support local and international talent that focuses on the skills of an actor, rather than just their box office draw. Our dream is to create iconic stories which last eternally within its chosen film genre to entertain, enthrall and amuse millions.


In house we have the latest 3.8K equipment (ARRI ALEXA MINI) that will allow us to produce high-end films for cinema and Television. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about potential projects.