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Norfolk Ninja Film to be made


Have you heard of the Norfolk Ninja? I wouldn't be surprised if you had. In 2010, every major British newspaper reported on a ninja superhero living in Norwich, Norfolk. He had saved a woman whose baby was going to be kidnapped from her in the street. Heroically using his martial arts skills, he managed to prevent her or the baby being hurt, and hold the villain until the police arrived. Sounds like a scene from a superhero movie or from a graphic novel. But what's the truth about the Norfolk Ninja, and where did he go? If you walk through Norwich, you can still see traces of the cult status this man has achieved.

The market in Norwich sells T‑shirts that say, "I'm not the Ninja of Norwich", and comedians such as Russell Brand still include the Norwich Ninja, or Ninja of Norfolk, in their comedy routines.

Copycats have appeared all over the country, but what was the truth behind the original story? In 2012, the Norwich Ninja burst back into the media, having performed a series of demonstrations of his ability to control his mind and to achieve high levels of meditation

These mind over matter demonstrations included swimming in Arctic waters, meditations at low temperatures while his body temperature was fully under his control. Complete control of his heartbeat, the ability to resist pain, and resistance of fire, he even posted videos demonstrating his ability to hold his breath for four minutes while meditating underwater.

Suddenly, the Norwich Ninja was a media success again, "The Daily Mail" and "The Sun" paying attention to our homegrown British superhero. In the Orient, this got front page, coverage in places where people with exceptional meditation abilities are revered, such as India, China and Japan. The Norfolk Ninja was on the front page. The idea of a British mystic receiving the ancient superhuman powers was too much to resist.

But where was the Norwich Ninja trained? And how did he get these abilities? No one seemed to know or even took the time to ask.

It's at this point that EQ films decided that there must be a story behind the media hype, and followed the Norfolk Ninja to Japan to discover where he learned these skills.

Amongst the Yamabushi monks, a legendary sect of Buddhism that follows a spiritual path called Shugendo, which translates as "magical powers through hardship. You can only find on western face. Trekking across the mountains every day and living on a diet of rice and pickles, the mountain monks train under the most harsh of conditions. They sit under waterfalls in winter, meditate on peaks where one slip would cause certain death and learn to walk on fire and hold hot coals.

EQ films discovered where the Norfolk Ninja gained his training and superhuman abilities, and found the truth behind the hype was stranger and more exciting than anything a tabloid hack could have written.

Now, for the first time, a story of epic proportions can be told. A fictional dramatisation of Martin Faulk's "The Ninja of Norwich Story" is going to be produced. With “A” List actors and a director of some note. From the same team whose first feature The Haunting of Harry Payne is due out early next year

It's appropriate that a Norfolk based film company is going to produce this fictionalised epic. A true‑life story of one of the countys` living legends. Scheduled for production in 2013.

"The Not There Man" is set to tell a story based on the true life adventures of the mystical journey and heroic enlightenment of Martin Faulks. A story, which reveals the potential an ordinary man has to change the world.

A story of inspiration, action, enlightenment and adventure, EQ Films is happy to present the secret truth behind the media sensation.

“The Not There Man…” “When you see him… it’s too late”




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